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Jen T. from Warrenton

    I cannot say enough about Pestek Pro! These guys know their job, can answer any questions you have about any bug/pest, they take their time, explain things and make you feel like you are their only customer - they make sure know what they are doing, what they are spraying and are always available to answer questions and come out fast for an emergency!
    I want to take a moment to comment on their mosquito service. We used them for our house at Lake Anna for over two years. Before we had Pestek Pro, we spent hundreds of dollars at Home Depot (my husband's favorite store) on mosquito treatment. NOTHING worked. Being close to the lake the mosquito's were bad. You would walk outside and you couldn't help but them finding you. After getting fed up from spending money on products that didn't work and getting tired of getting mosquito bites, my parents told me about Pestek Pro. I called them and they came a few days later! After they did their service.... It was night and day difference. Unbelievable! You would see an occasional mosquito (maybe one or two, every so often), but that is to be expected. There were no more mosquito bites, we could actually sit on our front porch and deck in peace! Visiting different neighbors in the neighborhood, we would get overtaken by mosquito's..... As soon as we got back to our yard - Nothing! My neighbors couldn't believe it! Sorry for the long review, I just love this company and their service! They do awesome keeping the normal bugs at bay, but its amazing what I seen them do with our mosquito issue!
Forever a Pestek Pro customer! Oh, they are reasonably priced to boot - can't get any better than that!!
Thanks for everything Shane and Brian!

Christina B. from Culpeper

Great company, great job and good price.

Sandie M. from Bristow

    The other day I asked for recommendations for a pest company to help with a hornets nest I found. Shane Wyman with Pestek Pro came out the next day and I was so happy with his service we have decided to use them for our quarterly pest control. He was super knowledgeable about the issue and didn't push any other services. Looking forward to our first spraying to see if our backyard spiders and mosquitoes are minimized.

Tammy D. from Haymarket

    We had a family of skunks and Pestek was fair on price, honest with their work and expectations and overall a great company!! Hope to never have any other problems but if I do I will call them first!!!!

Michael S. from Warrenton

    I tried for some time to take care of the mice problem. Brian showed up a month ago to solve our problem. After the first week, I did not see any more mice! I also had him take care of our bug problems. Great service at reasonable cost. Very happy!

Teresa T. from Linden

    This is my second time dealing with Pestek Pro. The first was a free termite inspection at a home I purchased. I was impressed with their honesty and they didn't try to sell me something that wasn't necessary. I have been in touch with them since then for a problem with carpet beetles. They have patiently talked with me several times via phone and came out on their day off to do the treatment and spent several hours going over ever single place I wanted them to treat. They appear to have the most knowledge out of the 3 companies I have been talking with to figure out my problem. I also feel the price was very reasonable compared to the amount of time they spent with me. Do not hesitate to call them!

Christina B. from Culpeper

Very satisfied. Brian was very knowledgeable and thorough. Will use Pestek Pro for routine preventative maintenance.

Roze B. from Linden

Brian & Shane are very professional and thorough . We love them and they are always on time. Keep up the GREAT JOB.

Cynthia Z. from Warrenton

    Brian was on time and stayed until the job was completed. He answered all of our questions, explained how the process worked and was very reassuring about the spray he was going to use and how it was not toxic to animals or any of the toads, lizards and wildlife we enjoy around our home. We just really wanted to get the ant problem under control. He was very careful to avoid our garden area and took his time checking the yard for other pests. We were very impressed. It is a few months after his visit and we see ants in the yard but they are not in our house! He did NOT spray inside the house, that was probably our biggest concern. The company promotes a more natural approach to pest management.

Kathrine and Evan from Sumerduck

    I don't know what this company is better at- removing unwanted pests from the home, or customer service! We have nothing but the best to say about Pestek Pro. We've never had a run in with pests before, so needless to say we were stressed and overwhelmed to find small ants in our home. Brian came out within no time, and not only took care of the problem we were having, but took the time to talk to us and get to know our specific situation as well as educate us. He was very personable, professional, and his treatments were effective. Pestek Pro always made us feel like valued customers. We would highly recommend this company to anyone!

Debbie L. from Fredericksburg

    Started a pest maintenance agreement with Pestek Pro after having issues with field mice. Also decided to include termite prevention and other pest prevention. Never did Shane and Brian strong armed us into an agreement but intelligently spoke of what the service could provide us and our piece of mind.
    They have consistently arrived at the appointed time. They are always very professional. They allow me as the home owner to observe them. They are always very up front about issues they see. I do not feel I am left in the dark or they have stated something that I don't understand. I am very please with the pest prevention care I have received and would prefer them to anyone.

Brian F. From Manassas

    I want to give a big thank you to you guys for your fast and great service that you guys gave me for getting those squirrels out of my attic that was really great of you guys and especially being a hoilday week thank you guys so much and the customer service was great again thank you guys very much for your hard work and time.

Paul T. From Manassas

    Saw swarm of termites outside house , called The boys from Pestek Pro came out that afternoon recommended house treatment .Came out days later and completed the treatment . They now have my pest treatment contract. Very professional timely and cost effective

Michael K. From Woodbridge

    My original pest company did not do a good job. I called Pestek to come out and help with the pest problem. They have came for regular visits since. Pestek came when I had a bad pest problem. They came immediately. They are very professional and I would always recommend them!

Chris H. From Woodbridge

    Pestek Pro Pest Control where very professional and identified our problems and gave us a solution. We are happy with their service. We highly suggest you use them.

Maralee P. From Remington

    Pestek Pro guys were on time, reasonably priced and have taken care of my mouse and bug problem. They are nice and knowledgeable.

Craig P. From Remington

    So i use to have a bug and mouse issue. And it had gotten to the point where the roaches would run when we turn the light on, and we didnt even bother to squash them. I had tryed all the home stuff sold at home depot, but didnt seem to work longer than a week or 2 at most. Then one day the guys from pestek pro came by offering free inspections. I told them no need for an ispection i know i have an issue. Well they came in spent less than a few sec in my kitchen and they agreed. And i had told them all the stuff i tryed using. They then told me why each of them didnt work. I was impressed with there knowledge not on just what works and but what doesnt work and why. They then told me the price to take care of my issue. I was like heck i spend that much on products that dont work, ill be glad to spend it on something does.
    Now 8 months later, i dont see bugs anymore or see any traces of a mouse. And now my youngest is crawling around And putting stuff in her mouth. I sure am glad there isnt bugs every where.

Kenneth J. From Remington

    Great job with the pest control you guys did. Very thorough and getting calls reminding me of follow ups is great as I would normally forget those types of things. Best prices within 100 miles A+ and the only ones I would refer to others. thanks again guys.

Beth B. From Manassas

    I noticed extremely small ants in my downstairs bathroom and kitchen. I called them, and scheduled for the next day. They arrived exactly when they said they would. They explained in great detail the chemicals that were going to be used. I was concerned since I do have pets. They use an environmentally friendly & pet friendly product that is not harmful. Additionally, no scent, which is a plus because I have allergies.
    Both Shane and Brian were friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. I have Tapinoma Sessle ants - AKA Odorous Ant, Coconut Ant. Apparently, when you squish them, it smells like coconuts. I took their word for it!! I had NO IDEA there were so many species of ants!!
    It always concerns me when I have someone over to perform services and the techs have to write my credit card number down on the work order. Besides offering excellent service, they also have the equipment to swipe my card right there on the spot. No more worrying about pieces of paper laying around a work truck with my info all over it! That is a HUGE PLUS in my book, especially these days! They also take checks as well.
    The last thing that really impressed me was the contract. It has been my experience when I've had techs over, that I get the "sign here, initial here & here" and I'm supposed to read through 5 pages of legal jargon without looking cross-eyed while shaking my head acting as if I understand "there to for, and party of the first part". Not only did they explain everything that was there, they also explained the "codes" and what those codes represented. They were patient, knowledgeable,friendly, and most importantly, HONEST. That is hard to come by. Both of them explained everything, and there were no surprises. A+ in my book, I would absolutely recommend them!

Gina B. From Warrenton

    They showed up on time, were very professional, took time to listen to my concerns, then treated my house.