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  There are not too many people that are not familiar with some kind of pest problem. Pest Control is a year round battle, because there are so many different kinds of pests. Some are nuisance pests, and some do harm to you or your belongings. At Pestek Pro, we study the biology and habits of different pests, so we can determine the best strategy for control. We also understand that not everybody is alike, therefore requiring different strategies and methods to control pests with your unique needs in mind. We offer both commercial and residential services, and we offer very flexible service plans to fit your specific needs.Click the links below to learn more about some of our services

Moisture Control/Crawlspaces

    Moisture is a homeowners worst enemy. Not only does moisture cause fungus, sometimes even structural damage, it also provides a great environment for all sorts of pests. From rodents that live in your house, and destroy your things from either chewing on them, or leaving behind a trail of urine and feces, to insects that destroy the wood in your home. It even attracts pests that are merely a nuisance. Moisture can do an unlimited amount of damage to your home and your health.
    At Pestek Pro, we implement many different tools to provide our customers with moisture protection in their homes. A lot of moisture problems start in your crawl space or basement. Coincidentally, 40% of the air that you breathe in your home comes from these places. In other words, whatever you have living below you(i.e. Rodents, fungus), you are breathing that in. Termites have actually been proven to give off more methane gas than any other living creature, and moisture ridden wood makes an easy meal for them.


Standard insulated crawl space
    There are many different types of moisture control. At Pestek Pro we offer a variety of solutions to moisture issues. Every situation is different from one to the next, so we have solutions to fit every need and every budget. We offer everything from vents, insulation, water deterrence, dehumidifiers, and so much more. In spaces where encapsulation is not an option(i.e. Combustible equipment in crawl spaces), we can still help with moisture control through foundation vents, and vapor barriers etc. At Pestek Pro we believe that there is a solution to every problem, and we are it.


Encapsulated Crawlspaces   Old crawl space thinking and old building codes had builders placing crawl space vents on opposite sides of the house hoping that outside air would enter a vent on one side of the crawl space and exit out the vent on the other side. In effect, this would remove damp, musty crawl space air with clean outside air. Problem is... that's not how it works.
    What the actual science of it tells us is that air movement is upwards in a house, like a chimney. This upward air movement is called a Stack Effect, and this Stack Effect draws air inward from every crawl space vent and up into the living space of the home, eventually exhaling this air out of the upper levels. So where crawl space vents were supposed to remove moisture, they actually contribute to increased moisture in the crawl space during the humid months of summer. These crawl space vents also increase heating cost in the winter from sucking in cold outside air. It's a lose/lose situation.
    Crawl space encapsulation is the solution! Seal the crawl space with a vapor barrier, seal the crawl space vents with vent covers, seal any gaps or holes to the outside, seal the crawl space door - seal it up as tight as possible.