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Here you can learn a little about some common and not so common pest you may see around your home or business.


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Wood Destroying Insects

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    The Eastern Subterranean Termite is the most common and widely distributed termite in North America. It occurs south of the line where the annual minimum temperature is -22oF. This includes southern Ontario, Canada, and southward through the eastern United States and into Texas. It has also recently been found in California. This species is also found in parts of Europe.
Swarmers are about 3/8” long including wings. The body is dark brown to almost black. The fontanelle (frontal gland pore)present may be inconspicuous. The front wing has 2 dark, heavily sclerotized (hardened) veins in the front portion, the other veins are unpigmented except the basal third. The soldier's head is rectangular in shape, and not narrowed toward the front, with length about 1.5 times the width. Mandibles lack teeth, and are incurved at about 70-90o . The pronotum is flat,and almost as wide as the head, with width usually greater than 0.90 mm.