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Pest Library

Here you can learn a little about some common and not so common pest you may see around your home or business.


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Wood Destroying Insects

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Powder Post Bettle

    Anobiids are the most commonly encountered of the powder post beetles, Lyctids and bostrichids being the other two groups. They get their common name from the powder like frass that emerges from exit holes. For some species, the name of Deathwatch beetle comes from the tapping sound they make by striking their mandibles against the wood surface of their tunnel as a mating call. Heard in the quiet of the night when people were sitting up with an ill person, this tapping was superstitiously believed to indicate that death was near. They are worldwide distribution with about 310 species occurring in the United states.
    Depending on the species, adults are about 1/32 -3/8” long, but those attacking structures range ffrom about 1/8 – 1/4” long. The shape is variable, but usually elongated. The color is reddish brown to black, sometimes with lighter areas of pale hairs. It is rare to see any stage of the insect, the most notable way to recognize them is their exit holes. Exit holes are round and, depending on the species, range from 1/16 – 1/8” in diameter. Another indication of an infestation is the accumulation of piles of powdery but gritty frass beneath the exit holes or streaming from them. Some species that do not produce pellets in their frass, but their frass is tightly packed in their tunnels.